Sharing your home or business with an unwanted visitor is never fun. Especially when those unwanted visitors invite more unwanted visitors! Lucky for you, Aswatona is on your side to fight on the front lines against these unwanted pests so you don't have too. We cover all types of properties both residential and commercial, no matter the size. Our friendly exterminators work quickly to identify and remove the pests like they were never there. We highly recommend homeowners to consider a quarterly maintenance plan after the initial visit to prevent further pest problems. Have pest problems? Call Us Today - 855-949-1574.

How Quarterly Visits Work

Most people do not realize, pests stay active no matter what time of the year it is. Maintenance plans provide a pest control visit every quarter. This means, pest control treatments every spring, summer, fall, and winter. Treatments are tailored to your property, region, season, and local pests to provide the pest all year protection.

Common Pest Problems

  • Ants - Fire, Carpenter, Argentine, Acrobat, Field
  • Fleas - Cat, Dog, Human, Stickltight
  • Earwigs - European, Red-legged, Striped
  • Silver Fish
  • Bedbugs
  • Roaches - American, German, Asian, Oriental
  • Insect Pest Contorl
  • Rodent Pest Contorl

Search By Location

  • Bedford, NH
  • East Haddam, CT
  • Larchmont, NY
  • Manorville, NY
  • Aaronsburg, PA
  • Westover, MD
  • Burr Hill, VA
  • Darlington, SC
  • Shady Dale, GA
  • Fort Meade, FL
  • Harpersville, AL
  • Whitleyville, TN
  • Bonnyman, KY
  • Lagrange, OH
  • Alliance, OH
  • Potsdam, OH
  • Cortland, IN
  • Hymera, IN
  • Union Pier, MI
  • Lansing, IA
  • North English, IA
  • Afton, MN
  • Raymond, MT
  • Carroll, NE
  • Keithville, LA
  • Roosevelt, TX
  • La Coste, TX
  • Salt Lake City, UT
  • Bluff, UT
  • Fountain Green, UT
  • Datil, NM
  • Tonopah, NV
  • Lakeshore, CA
  • Sutter Creek, CA
  • Mcarthur, CA
  • Jamieson, OR
  • Tununak, AK