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mole control Holland MI

mole control Holland MI

Each year, millions of home and business owners in North America watch as their lawns deteriorate under the attack of moles. While proper maintenance of your lawn prevents most of the problems that affect grass tufts, it increases your risk of a mole infestation. Moles feed on grubs, larvae, and earthworms found in lawns. Grubs are bad for your tuft, but earthworms support healthy soil and cause no damage to the grass. So, even when there are no grubs feeding on your roots, moles are attracted by the earthworms that constitute a large portion of their diet.

At Best Way Animal Removal, we offer unexcelled mole control in Holland MI. Our top lawn care and pest services in West Michigan include removal, control, and prevention measures to keep moles away.

Our Lawn Care and Pest Services

Controlling moles is tricky because as long as you have worms in your soil, they’ll come back to your garden or lawn. You can avoid dealing with them several times each year by applying control measures that cut off their access to your lawn. As wildlife control experts, we know how to get rid of moles in MI and keep them gone.

You can remove moles by altering the landscape. This involves ensuring there are no grubs, larvae, and earthworms in your lawn. By taking away the moles' food source, you naturally get rid of them. Using traps is another alternative that also works.

Our Mole Removal Process

Our wildlife removal experts begin Holland MI mole control by looking for entry points that moles use when making underground tunnels. These can be anywhere on the lawn or in the surrounding areas.

When examining the tunnels near the ground surface, we differentiate between those made by moles and those created by other burrowing rodents such as chipmunks. This is crucial in ensuring we address the animal problem completely regardless of the species present on the lawn.

We check which tunnels are operational and whether they’re used for eating or traveling. Traveling tunnels are ideal for setting traps, and we measure them to know the right trap to use.

Our next step is to set the traps, after which we place bait in the tunnels. When applicable, we spray repellent around the property to keep the rodents away. Mole activity eventually fades as the animals are trapped.

For permanent mole control, installing a fence that’s buried at least a foot into the ground can help. Since moles usually dig their tunnels near the lawn surface where they can find insects in abundance, burying the fence deeper makes it more difficult for them to burrow into the lawn.

Get Expert Help for Your Mole Problem

Moles dig at a speed of about a foot a minute so they can cause considerable lawn damage in just a few days. If you notice mounds or runways in your lawn, our top-of-the-line services for mole control in Holland MI, will take care of your mole problem. Our experts are highly skilled and can remove the moles without causing further damage to your lawn. Contact Best Way Animal Removal for the best, safest wildlife control. Phone: 616-836-4255.

mole control Holland MI
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mole control Holland MI
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